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Blu Sushi on McGregor

The art of sushi...

     What we enjoy about Blu is the customer friendly staff. It’s a trait, we think, that stems directly from the stewardship of the General Manager. He constantly interacts with the staff and patrons, ensuring a seamless dining experience for all. Furthermore, they make you feel like a VIP. We never revealed our intention of writing a review or even the fact we work for a magazine. However, our treatment (and our observations of those around us) was nothing short of first class. And we haven’t even gotten to the food or cocktails!


     Let’s start with those cocktails...

     Want something new? Something exciting? Blu’s cocktails are dazzling. Our favorite is the “Aloha, Mr.Edison”. Just try it, it’s mouth watering pleasure. Arrive during happy hour and they’re only $6. There are nearly two dozen other specialty cocktails to choose from that’ll compliment your dinner.

     To start, we tried the Miso soup and an order of their “New Style Sashimi” with tuna. It was an absolutely delicious appetizer consisting of a homemade sauce with cilantro and jalapeños. For dinner, we chose an order of fresh salmon, octopus and tuna sashimi, and tuna maki sushi rolls. All were perfectly prepared and distinctive in taste. The music, the lighting, the cocktails, the service and of course, the food, were a perfect concoction of sushi dining pleasure. 


     Then came dessert...


     For some reason, I previously never enjoyed dessert with sushi. In my mind, the two don’t go together. As everything else was going so well at Blu, I threw that notion out the window and ordered their fried cheesecake with raspberry topping. The sweet course was nothing short of heavenly and exquisite. My, oh my. I certainly was elated with my decision to add dessert to the evening.


     We highly recommend Blu Sushi on McGregor. Look for happy hour 4pm to 6:30 pm, Monday through Friday and 11:30am to 6:30 pm on the weekend. Get there early in season and listen to their DJ spin Thursday through Saturday from 9:00pm till close.

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     Sushi is without a doubt a love it or hate dining choice. Rarely, do I hear someone say, “sure, I guess that’s ok” regarding its consumption. It’s generally met with whole hearted approval or utter disgust. We just happen to love Sushi. If you make it past this sentence, we’re confident you do as well.


     As of late, there are certainly no shortage of options to enjoy this Japanese delicacy. Sushi can be found at malls, buffets , grocery stores and other non traditional locations. However, Blu Sushi goes beyond just serving sushi. As a rule, their food is always tasteful and absolutely fresh. Blu goes above that and sets the tone for a unique dining experience.


     Dining at the McGregor location is a fantastic combination of settings. The plaza Blu is located in is an old Florida setting. However, Blu is wonderfully contemporary. From the surreal blue lighting to the constant background of electronica music, Blu exudes savoir faire. Those dining have a multitude of seating choices. In fair weather, there are outside tables in the courtyard. Within Blu, you can enjoy dining at a variety of tables, the lounge area or even at the sushi bar itself. 

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