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     There are rock stars, seemingly the majority, who are so astoundingly stupid with the decisions they make you’re left to simply wonder how they make it out of bed in the morning. Millions of dollars blown on drugs or excessive living; or both. Reputations destroyed with bizarre antics. Worst case scenario, an early death brought on by an ill lived lifestyle.


     Then there are fellows like Nick Mason, who so brilliantly manage their lives, you’re left dumbfounded in amazement regarding their success. Who is Nick Mason? If the gray haired, conservatively dressed 69 year old passed you on the street, you wouldn’t even give him a second look. If he passed you driving his 1962 Ferrari GTO, you’d assuredly wonder who he is.

Nick Mason

Featured Celebrity Automobile



    Nick Mason is a founding member and drummer of one of the world’s most successful rock groups, Pink Floyd. Over the years, they’ve sold over 250 million albums and have sold out concerts worldwide. With money he made from the huge selling Dark Side of the Moon album (it stayed on the Billboard Charts for 741 weeks from 1973 to 1988 and sold over 50 million copies), Mason bought his Ferrari 250 GTO in 1977 for $57,000. Friends at the time chided him for spending that much on a 15 year old Ferrari. Pretty sure Nick Mason’s getting the last laugh now. How much is his 250 GTO worth? Anywhere in the vicinity of $30 to $35 million dollars. Not a bad return on investment.


     What’s so unbelievably cool is not the money he’s made on the car but his absolute love of this Holy Grail of automobiles. He drives it. He races it. That’s right, he races the thing like it was intended to be when it was built to conquer the FIA World Championship in 1962, 1963 and 1964. What makes this particular Ferrari even more special is that, as a young man, Mason saw the actual car raced at Goodwood in 1964. The car has continued to be raced ever since and is an unrestored original. Thus, making a car that only has over a few dozen examples remaining, in a class of its own in an already elite group.


     Nick Mason, setting the example of how to be a rock star. Setting the example of how to be a Ferrari enthusiast. Not a bad way to live. Kudos to you, sir.

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