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     Let's face it, a bulky wallet in your back pocket makes your arse look fat. Plain and simple...


     The developers of the Z Clip may not have exactly had that in mind when developing their state of the art money clip; but it's a truth that cannot be ignored. 
























I digress...


     My wife bought me my Z Clip Sebring edition for my birthday last year. I refused to carry a traditional wallet for years. I found them cumbersome, unorganized and lacking  any sort of compliment to my style in general; see first sentence of this article. While perusing the DuPont Registry over my shoulder one evening (a previously read issue can be found in nearly every room, especially bathroom, in our home), the Z Clip ad caught her eye. 


     I think the conversation that night went something like this:

     "You need that", said my lovely wife.

     "No I don't", said I.

     "You're going to lose a credit card just leaving everything in your pockets. You lost a $20 bill last week", said my lovely wife.

     "I ALLEGEDLY lost a $20 bill last week", said I.

     "I'm buying you a Z Clip", said my lovely wife.

     "But I like things...ummm....loose in my pocket. I know where everything is!", said I.


     Conversation was over. I made no sense. Though I'm still not going to be held accountable for the missing $20 bill.

























 Onto their website we went. The avant garde money clip looked like something I could actually use! Not just another paper weight on my desk of after thoughts and useless paraphernalia. The Z Clip had a variety of designs;The LeMans, Sebring, Daytona and  Talledega.I chose the Sebring. Maybe because it seemed like the best fit for my needs. Maybe because it's namesake is a track located less than 90 minutes from my home. Not sure.


     Regardless, the simplicity, yet 'cool factor' of this money clip had me a bit excited. I associated money clips as something old men wore. The classic, 14k gold plated clip that reminded me of my grandfather. But the Z Clip is all together different. With it's carbon fiber and race themed image, it had an edginess to it that would make the transaction of money from out of my pocket to the recipient almost James Bond-esque in terms of style. Like I said to my wife from the beginning, I really needed this money clip.


     In addition to the slick carbon clip itself, they threw in an ergonomically useful credit card holder as well. Put your plastic into the pockets made of durable material, hold a wad of cash on the outside of the card holder, then snap the Z clip around your little financial bundle. You've now got a nifty, sleek gadget securely holding a portion of your net worth and/or debt. 




Give them a call at 877-759-2547 or check out their website at

Your money will have a whole new sense of self worth...

The ZClip: Fashionable Money Clip

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