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     Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach is so amazingly cool. It really is. As a small child growing up circa 1979, I remember it as home to The Patio, Mercer Wenzel, the Arcade Tap Room and a variety of other restaurants and businesses that were home to the geriatric crowd. And when I say geriatric, I mean really old. Like, dessert by 4:30 PM, blue hair and Lincoln Town Cars. Not exactly South Beach. Then again, at the time, South Beach wasn’t exactly hip either.


     My, how times have changed.


     Over the last 15 years, Atlantic Avenue has grown into a landmark destination. The place to be seen. South Beach in Miami, Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, 5th Avenue in Naples and Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach can all be spoken in the same breath. They’re all upscale hotspots in their particular town. Extending from the ocean that shares its name, across the intracoastal and all the way to the Loxahatchee preserve, Atlantic Avenue is an ultra hip setting for trendy hotels, restaurants and shops. 


     Nestled amongst the cool crowd is Cut 432: A Modern Steakhouse. As we strolled the avenue that Friday night, with a list of potential restaurants given to us by a local “in the know”, Cut 432 stood out. Typical to the style of the area, it was an open front restaurant allowing indoor as well as outdoor seating. The start of the weekend was making for a busy evening and we didn’t have reservations. Rather than wait, we chose to grab a table for two by the bar. The atmosphere was electric. Busy but not overbearing. The bustling Friday night crowd noise was exciting, not overbearing; a conversation could easily be carried on at the table where we were seated. 


     We were immediately helped by our waiter and drink orders were taken while we glanced at the ample menu. As this was a steakhouse, my tendency leaned toward a choice of steak for the evening. But what kind? The filet was screaming my name. However, what would I start with? As my eyes scanned the appetizers, I couldn’t help but come back to the Maine lobster bisque. It was an outstanding choice. The taste of Sherry complimented the taste without hindering the oomph of delicious lobster.


     Our waiter was wonderfully friendly and attended to our string of cocktail orders without interruption. We sampled a variety of drinks off their menu, thoroughly enjoying the hand shaken Piña Colada and the Tommys’s Margarita. Mouth watering deliciousness!


     Getting back to the entrée...


     The filet was indeed my choice for this Friday night. Upon arrival, the 12oz., aged 35 day, Nebraska corn fed piece of prime cut beef sizzled with perfection. Cutting into the filet, I was pleased it was cooked to my exact request. In addition, I ordered the roasted mushrooms, which came in an enormous helping, as well as a boat of bernaise to compliment the beef. The combination was exceptional! So wonderfully good. The filet was perfectly seasoned and just a touch of bernaise was enough to ignite my taste buds in euphoric delight.




Exploring the East Coast Part I:


Cut 432: A Modern Steakhouse

Photos care of Cut 432

     All the while, during this wonderful feast, I enjoyed people watching. The crowd was seemingly delighted to be part of the charged weekend atmosphere. There was a clear indication the night was only beginning for the vast majority of patrons. As a car lover, because of the direct unblocked view outside, I enjoyed a plethora of exotic automobiles making their way along the avenue that night. I was particularly enthralled by the pearl white Lamborghini Murcielago SV that idled in traffic for a bit, throttle blipping and popping the exhaust with a sweet symphony of 12 cylinder joy.


     Amazing food, festive upscale atmosphere, a virtual parade of Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and more just a stone’s throw from our table...what more could we ask for?




     For the evening, we chose to share the cheesecake and were absolutely delighted by the result. This cheesecake was good and they knew it; the waiter gave me a wink with my order. We took our time, savoring each bite and stretching out our evening at Cut 432 just a bit longer. After cleaning every last bit of the delicious dessert from the plate, we contemplated the rest of our evening, paid our bill and headed back out on Atlantic Ave. Without a doubt, we’ll be re-visiting Cut 432 during our next visit to Delray Beach. The only question is, will I try the Kobe beef next time or the Delmonico with Alaskan King Crab to start? Ahhh, decisions....






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