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     Driving through the Gulf Coast Town Center, near Fort Myers airport, I noticed something peculiar in the parking lot. Lined along a portion of the tarmac were several futuristic fuel pumps. Upon closer inspection, it became evident that the fuel being pumped was actually electricity. The provider? None other than Tesla Motors, the brainchild of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk. Known as “Superchargers”, the stations provide 480 volt charging to the Tesla Model S. In just 30 minutes, the vehicle will be charged with the ability to have a 200 mile driving range. 


     Musk says “...we expect all of the United States to be covered by the end of next year (2013)”. According to the Tesla website, there are currently two charging stations in Florida; one in Fort Myers and another in Port St.Lucie. Buy 2015, there will be 10 Supercharger stations in Florida, allowing travel throughout the state and beyond.


Tesla Supercharger Stations


© à la Moto Magazine

© à la Moto Magazine

© à la Moto Magazine

Compared to traditional public chargers scattered throughout, the Tesla Supercharger provides a

substantially faster “fill up” for your Model S. In the 30 minutes it takes the Tesla station to give your electric car a 200 mile range, the average public charges provide only 10 miles. Best of all, the Tesla stations are free. According to Musk, they always will be.


     The locations are generally within walking distance to shopping and dining, giving the Model S driver something to do in those 30 minutes. The Supercharger station in Fort Myers is conveniently located in the Gulf Coast Town Center, providing ample restaurants and stores in a pleasant outdoor setting. Eventually, the plan is to make all Tesla Supercharger stations covered. Not only will this protect the driver from the elements, it’ll act as the support structure for solar panels that’ll power each station.

They're here. They're closer than you realize. And they're about to change the way drivers enjoy their electric cars.

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